Why do you need Envoy Plan Services for your retirement plans?

Envoy is your complete retirement benefit plan resource!

Our capabilities give you more time and more flexibility with your daily operations and address your long-term strategic 403(b) and 457(b) retirement plan objectives.

Reduce the Administrative Burden

Envoy Plan Services expands your resources

Finding the time and resources to administer employee retirement plans, while ensuring that they are handled according to complex IRS and State regulations present another headache you don’t need. Envoy Plan Services can relieve you of the workload you and your staff currently perform for 403(b) tax-sheltered annuity and 457(b) deferred compensation plans sponsored by your organization, providing an all-in-one comprehensive package.

Operational and Administrative Services – 403(b) and 457(b) Plan:

As part of our services, Envoy assumes the responsibilities of performing the administrative and compliance duties that otherwise are the Client’s responsibility for the proper administration of your Plan(s). Envoy performs the duties of Third Party Administrator (“TPA”) and administers the Plan(s) for the benefit of the Participants and their Beneficiaries, subject to the procedures established by federal and state regulations, you our Client and/or the specific terms of any applicable document and/or agreement.

  • Establish/re-state and maintain Plan Document and related documents for the plan(s)
  • Establish and perform administration and compliance procedures
  • Common Remitting services to all approved providers, normally within one business day
  • Interface with payroll personnel
  • Work directly with employee, provider/vendor and financial representative
  • Provide customer service support for plan sponsor and plan participants
  • Provide a secure Internet website for access to information, forms and the transfer of information and data, educational tools
  • Establish and perform participation eligibility compliance procedures
  • Compliance review and processing of loans, transfers, rollovers and all other distributions
  • Determination of employee eligibility and participant enrollment
  • Processing of salary reduction agreements
  • Universal Availability Rule
  • compliance in California


Maintain Regulatory Compliance

The IRS says…”It’s your plan, and your responsibility.”

Envoy will help you meet it.

Federal audits of education 403(b) and 457(b) plans have become an IRS priority. The message is clear: Plan sponsors have to take their administrative and fiduciary responsibilities seriously. Envoy has the expertise you need to meet your responsibilities and avoid serious IRS penalties in the event that your plan(s) are ever audited. We’ll conduct a complete review of your retirement plans, and keep you up-to-date on the regulatory changes that affect you.

Envoy is the expert in regulatory compliance so you don’t have to be!

Compliance Services – 403(b) and 457(b) Plan:

  • Conducting discrimination, limitation and technical compliance testing
  • Auditing of all documentary and procedural administrative aspects
  • Development of compliance correction programs
  • Meeting 403(b) product registry and contribution processing statutes
  • Ongoing monitoring and updates on federal and state requirements
  • Assistance for employer in the event of an IRS audit
  • Create for your plan a Plan Highlights/Annual Notification for distribution to employees and new hires, as required by IRS 403(b) regulations


Ease of Operations and Increase Employee Satisfaction

Envoy educates and serves your employees, so you can focus on educating students.

Envoy will assist in educating your employees about the Plan(s) and in managing employee questions and communications. Specifically, Envoy provides the following:

  • Establish a customized section on Envoy’s website for your plan(s) that includes:
    • Forms
    • Procedures
    • All vendors/providers for your plan(s) and their contact information
    • Internet links and related information
      • Educational resources
      • Retirement plans educational material for new hire packets
      • Maintain a toll-free customer service line for employees


Consulting Services – Special Pay Plan

The Special Pay Plan is designed to allow an Employer to pay special forms of compensation in a tax-advantaged manner, specific to unused accrued vacation time and retirement incentive payable to employees upon separation from service.

Rather than paying the vacation time and/or retirement incentive to employees through the payroll system, payments are paid through accounts payable are deposited into an IRC Section 403(b) or 401(a) plan known as the Special Pay Plan as an employer contribution with no payroll or income taxes applied.

Please visit our Special Pay Plan section on our website.

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